Early in 2010 those behind Cognitas realised that the current reporting system could be improved and decided to undertake some research into the area, looking at current practices inside and outside the world of sport diving and how they could be applied to Sport Diving.  The report into “Incident Reporting in the UK Recreational Diving Industry – An Assessment of Current Practices and Potential Ways to Improve Them” was published on 3 September 2010.

Gareth Lock made a presentation to the BDSG on 7 Sep 2010 highlighting his concerns but unfortunately the response from the BDSG centred on the proposal of a new reporting system rather than numerous other recommendations made in the report.  Looking back, some of these proposals have now been implemented but an open, independent reporting system is still missing and this the focus of the DISMS project.

Cognitas will continue to challenge current practices and now have the support from 5 of the main agencies in the UK (GUE, IANTD, PADI, SSI and TDI) to develop a reporting system which will allow a greater level of detail to be captured and published which should allow lessons to be learned by those communities.

Edit – the report has now been removed but can be emailed out if anyone is especially interested.  This report was prepared when I had a partner who was more commercially orientated than I (and is no longer involved in Cognitas). As such, this report does not help my current position in fostering relationships with agencies.  A more robust and scientifically based paper will be produced as part of Phase 1 of my PhD evidence.  I have left the comments and the Excel sheet available for download as this shows some of the attitudes towards incident reporting in the diving community. 












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