The DISMS has been developed to provide an open and confidential reporting system to allow the reporting of diving incidents by anyone in the diving community (divers, surface support staff, professional organisations such as the RNLI and MCA etc) allowing lessons to be learned by the diving community and trends to be formed thereby informing diver agency training programmes.

All of this will improve diving safety and hopefully prevent future fatalities and injuries by better informing divers and the training agencies. Importantly, DISMS aims to capture and report on the ‘near miss’ incidents, as there is in the main, more to learn from those incidents than fatalities.

As was highlighted at the Rebreather Forum 3.0 where Cognitas were represented, there is a distinct lack of quality data to understand why incidents occur, especially when it comes to rebreather incidents.  However, the challenges in getting access to fatality data were well understood and therefore there was a drive to collect more non-fatality diving incident data as many of the triggers/reasons can be understood from near-misses; this is one of the reasons that DISMS was developed. Cognitas are very grateful to the wider diving community for supporting the development of the DISMS software. Those who supported this can be found here If you want to know more about the development of DISMS and why it came to be in existence, visit this archive page .

This page shows the development of DISMS and how Cognitas aims to develop it further so that it can be used as a source of multiple datasets when researching diving incidents and the lessons we can learn from incidents and near-misses.

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