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Gareth Lock is a technical diver who has a keen interest in understanding how human errors manifest themselves in the sport diving arena. He is currently serving in the Royal Air Force and has used his experience and knowledge gained as both a ‘Flying Supervisor’ and a ‘Tactical Flight Instructor’ to apply ‘Human Factors’ techniques from military aviation to improving diver safety.

In 2005 he completed a MSc in Aerospace Systems part of which covered Human Factors and has worked on the Airbus A400M project ensuring military Human Factors needs were captured and met. He has conducted numerous presentations on Human Factors and Risk Management in recreational SCUBA diving including two Eurotek, one Baltic Tech and two Global Diving Conferences. His paper on Human Factors in Sport Diving, an area which has not been addressed previously, has been well received by academics, instructors, supervisors and ordinary divers.

In 2010, Gareth started on a data repository involving all aspects of diving safety and incident management and is currently populating it with the vast amounts of data available on the internet into one central focal point. The site, the Diving Incident and Safety Resource Centre, DISRC, http://www.disrc.com or on Twitter @DISRC for updates, is currently down as it is being refreshed.

In Nov 2011, Gareth’s application for a PhD at Cranfield looking at applying Human Factors incident analysis methodology to sport diving was accepted and this is gradually progressing. More details on the PhD page.

Gareth also manages the Diving Incident Safety Management System (DISMS) which is an open, transparent, detailed, and importantly, confidential reporting system for sport divers irrespective of their preferred training agency or method of diving. Ultimately, the idea is to improve diver and diving safety through 2 main strands of work; detailed reporting of the incident to allow other divers to “learn from others’ incidents” and secondly, collection of statistics from a wide diving community unconcerned with agency affiliation or bias.

The Boring Bits!

Cognitas Incident Research and Management is a trading division of Arete Solutions Limited and the reasons for this change are explained here

Privacy Policy Statement

Questions and comments concerning the Cognitas Electronic Privacy Policy should be addressed to Gareth Lock via admin@cognitas.org.uk or +44 (0) 7966 483832.  Cognitas will use its best endeavours to safeguard the privacy of its internet visitors.

This electronic privacy policy describes how Cognitas may obtain and process the information that is gathered from its website

How is personal information collected?

Personal information may be collected with the consent of the user by way of interactive submission. Personal information may be requested in person by anyone who has submitted information to the Cognitas website.

What information is collected via the Cognitas site?

1. Cookies are used by WordPress

2. DISMS collects personal data as submitted by the user in the report.

3. Email addresses are collected by the WordPress newsletter plugin.

How does Cognitas use this information?

1. Cookies are used by the WordPress website to track revisits.  Cognitas does not pass on any personal information relating to cookies.

2. Information collected through DISMS is used in the analysis of diving incidents.  The user, when they submit their report into DISMS, determines the level of public disclosure, from zero to full disclosure.

3. Email addresses submitted for the newsletter/blog update are not passed on, shared or sold to third parties.

What information may Cognitas store on a user’s computer?

Information that is obtained by user’s of Cognitas website may be stored persistently by the user’s computer. This may occur by interactive or automatic means and is beyond the control of Cognitas.


Cognitas will take reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal data it gathers in the course of operating electronic computer systems will be kept securely and within the control of Cognitas at all times.

Cognitas will take reasonable precautions to ensure that all representations made for and on behalf of Cognitas will be clearly identifiable.

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 a user within the United Kingdom can make a formal request for the following information to be disclosed;

* Clarification that their personal data is being processed by Cognitas

* A description and copy of such personal information

* The reasons why such data is being processed

* Details of to whom they are or may be disclosed

Cognitas reserves the right to charge an administration fee commensurate with the time and expertise needed to provide such information.

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