1 Jan – 31 Dec 2014 DISMS Annual Report Published


The DISMS Annual Report covering the period 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2014 has now been published.  The report has been compiled from incidents entered into DISMS occurring during this period. The report is a brief summary of the incidents and provides some basic analysis, but as the report highlights, lack of context and specifics makes detailed analysis very difficult.

In addition, because of the lack of baseline data in terms of numbers (and types) of dives taking place, no statistical significance will be placed on the results. More detail about the issues in making statistical claims is contained in the report.

Notwithstanding the above, the main aim of the report is to raise the awareness of the types of incidents occurring, how they developed and what divers can do to try and prevent future incidents from occurring. Details of 4 fatalities will be published shortly once additional data is available and entered into the system.

The report can be downloaded from here and incidents can be added, searched or reviewed here http://www.divingincidents.org More reports are always welcome – everyone makes mistakes, irrespective of experience or seniority. Allow others to learn from them by reporting an incident or accident.

DISMS is supported by kind donations from the following companies/organisations (alphabetically):

Amphibian Diving
The Diver Medic
Dive Life
Fourth Element
Global Underwater Explorers
Ian France Technical
Simply Sidemount
South West Diving

Cognitas is also pleased to announce that Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond (NOB), the national governing body for recreational diving and underwater sports in the Netherlands, has adopted the DISMS incident database engine for their own national diving incident recording and reporting – this is available to view https://www.duikongevallen.nl. In the near future, all open reports search from either DISMS or DOSA DISMS will be returned improving the ability of divers to learn from a wider dataset.

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