Predictable Failures and the Wasted Opportunities to Learn from Others


This presentation will combine historical evidence with as yet unpublished research conducted as part of a PhD programme to show the prevalence and type of mistakes we make, but more importantly why we make them. Using a number of case studies, it will also show why we are unlikely to learn from others’ mistakes unless we change our behaviors and culture – a major challenge given the diverse nature of the sport, the equipment used, and the people and organisations within in it.  This thought provoking presentation on human factors and diving incidents has the potential to challenge your views on safety and safe behaviours. Fundamentally, what use is 20:20 hindsight if you don’t apply it to your future behaviours? Safety isn’t just about learning from what went wrong, it also about learning from what consistently works well.

Presenter Profile:

Gareth Lock is a UK based diver and has been studying the role of Human Factors in SCUBA diving incidents for the last five years, the last two and half of which have been under a part-time, self-funded PhD programme at Cranfield University. He now works in the Oil and Gas sector teaching Crew Resource Management (CRM) for Well Operations.

He has presented at a number of national and international diving conferences on the subject and is working with a variety of diving organisations to develop incident reporting systems and assess their internal safety cultures. All of this work has been conducted with a view to challenge current practices and encourage a Just Culture by using best practice from established safety environments to improve diving safety for all. He is qualified as an Advanced Trimix OC diver with a love of cold water wreck photography.

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