I’m Back…


This is my first blog post for a while, so apologies for the delay in getting something out. The main reason being that I have been putting my research blogs onto another site to provide independence from Cognitas as there are concerns that my PhD work may be influenced by Cognitas – perception and reality are interesting beasts.

I have also been undertaking a number of other activities:

DISMSPutting together the first annual report for DISMS which will collate the 100+ incidents entered into DISMS since its launch nearly two years ago.  This involved tagging each of the incidents with keywords so that users can more easily search for incident reports.  The report will provide some basic statistics regarding the types and numbers of incidents; trends will not be possible as this is the first report. I am hoping the report will be out before the end of April as I need to promote another fund raising activity for the support costs of DISMS which are due on 21 April and come in at £798 for the year. These costs cover hosting on a secure server, SSL certificate and pretty much 24-hour online support if there is a problem with the database or hosting. 
X-Ray Magazine: Writing a series of articles for X-Ray Magazine (www.xray-mag.com) about Safety Culture and how the diving community can improve things, but also explaining that it isn’t simply a case of individuals doing something on their own, it is about a series of sub-cultures that need to co-exist and develop from individuals to organisations and groups leading and demonstrating what is the best thing to do for safety, and not necessarily for profit.
MOOC: Undertaking a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on Human Factors in Aviation run by the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. This course requires engagement with other MOOC students from around the world in developing blogs in response to research questions which involve dissecting accident reports and determining causality or apply concepts such as HFACS or SHELL.
Safety Survey: I am also looking at putting together a Safety Survey to demonstrate a concept in identifying where Safety is being missed at the Organisational and Supervisory levels. Stay Tuned for this as I might be looking for your assistance!
All in all, a busy period and one that will continue as I press on through my research.

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