The Survey is Off and Running!

Thank you!

I launched the first major data collect for my PhD into the role of Human Factors in SCUBA diving incidents on 28 Dec 2013 and made maximum use of the social media by posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn along with a number of forums I frequent.

The response so far has been great. I was looking for 1000 respondents spread across the community as follows:

400 OC Recreational (only) Divers
150 OC Technical Divers
225 CCR Divers
150 OC Recreational Instructors
50 OC Technical Instructors
25 CCR Instructors

So far I have 114 respondents who have had an incident of the sort I am looking for. A further 91 have said “No they haven’t had one of the incidents outlined” and another 182 who have stopped taking the survey part of the way through – if you are one of those who stopped, you have 7 days from starting the survey before it times out.

The instructor numbers may have been ambitious but I will wait and see. So far the split of what sort of diving the incidents have occurred in is OC Recreational ~60%, OC Technical ~20% and CCR ~16% with instructional dives making up the remainder.

I will keep putting reminders up every fortnight or so to keep it in people’s mind but I am very grateful for those who have posted on Facebook pages and forums on my behalf – please may that continue!

It only takes approximately 15 mins to fill in the survey and it will help provide robust evidence as to where divers need to focus their efforts to prevent incidents, and where training agencies need to emphasise certain issues during courses to improve safety for all divers. The link to the survey is here and there is a chance to win a print or an in-water photo session from me or a day’s coaching with Gareth Burrows

Just to be clear – the data collected from this survey is the property of Cranfield University and not Cognitas or me and information collected will be treated in accordance with Cranfield’s Data Protection Policy not the declaration which Cognitas has registered with the ICO.

Once again, thanks for your efforts.

Safe Diving and Happy New Year

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