Attribution of Categories within an Incident Causality Model

HFACSModelI have spent this evening trying to add some more factors to a model I am developing to understand the categories for Sport Diving Incidents.  I have gone through a 15 papers, the majority of which have been peer-reviewed, to extract factors in Sport Diving Incidents.

The following video clip shows where I am at the moment

For each one of the arms I need to develop some structure to allow vignettes (scenarios) to be assessed.  The challenge is that most of the research papers do not determine the context in which the error or mistake took place, so it could be a violation (routine, operational or exceptional), a rule-based error or a knowledge based error (assuming they knew about the requirement to start with).

The allocation of ‘primal causal factors’ in the literature is not consistent, nor is it correct in a number of places. e.g. ‘DCI’, ‘Loss of Consciousness’ and ‘Entanglement’ are not a prime causal factors, they are outcomes; and, ‘Rebreather’ is a configuration, it is a not a causal factor. Furthermore, there are a number of categories which do not sit in the ‘error chain’ nor are they helpful e.g. ‘operator error’ or ‘reckless deep diving’.

Whilst the video shows all of these captured factors and where they are sourced from in the literature, they need to be aggregated into something like the following structure (which only covers Skill Errors):

  • Individual
    • Error
      • Skill Error
        • Specific Diving Skills
          • Ability to Monitor and Control Position in Water Column
          • Ability to Monitor Gas Consumption and Gas Remaining and its impact on the dive plan
          • Ability to Conduct Basic In-water skills
          • Ability to Operate Diving Equipment Competently
          • Ability to Plan Dive Safe Profile

This is the first pass at a revised categorisation and so I am likely to have missed some! Once the model has been developed and the vignettes made up, I need to validate the model by using experienced divers and instructors to assess the example incidents to ensure that my allocations of categories are correct, proving that I have both agreement and reliability in my model.

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