My Eurotek 2012 Presentation

This information will also be on the Eurotek website shortly but until then, here is a synopsis of what I am going to talk about at Eurotek 2012 on Saturday morning.

Cultures: Aren’t they something that grows in petri dishes?

The community (divers, instructors, training organisations and manufacturers) often complain that there is a lack of data when trying to prove or disprove a safety argument. More recently, there has been much talk in the advanced diving community at the organisational level about developing a safety culture to prevent accidents from occurring in the future, especially when considering rebreathers and their introduction to the recreational market. However, solving these problems is not a simple task for a variety of reasons, not least because of the lack of an independent and open reporting system which is free from commercial and legal biases.

For the last year Gareth Lock, a military aviator, accomplished underwater photographer, advanced trimix diver and PhD candidate looking into the role of Human Factors in Diving Incidents, has been developing a confidential, open reporting system modelled on ‘near miss’ reporting systems present in aviation.

Gareth’s presentation will go through why incidents should be captured, the challenges faced in gathering these reports (not least because of the personalities and cultures involved in technical diving) and some potential solutions and mitigations. He will then go through a couple of case studies showing the value of detailed reporting and how the community can help improve safety by using the Diving Incident and Safety Management System (DISMS – Importantly, DISMS is not being run for any commercial gain, and is not linked to any specific training agency, manufacturer or insurance company but rather is supported by donations from throughout the diving community. It is truly independent and for the community.

We are very good at telling others about our exploits and how we survived after getting into a dodgy situation, why not attend this presentation and learn how you can let others know how you got out of the mess you ended up in? Someone else’s incident may help prevent you from making a similar mistake or error in the future.

You can get tickets at


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