RF3.0 CCR Equipment Inspection/Lock-down

At the Rebreather Forum 3.0 held in Orlando in May 2012, the subject of evidence preservation was presented by Martin Parker from Ambient Pressure Diving and David Concannon.  Following this presentation and a detailed question and answer session by the audience, the individual rebreather manufacturers behind the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) agreed to provide information on what to do to preserve their system’s data and logic in the event of an accident to allow the dive to be recreated, thereby providing better data to understand what happened. Martin’s presentation showed a couple of very useful examples of what can be determined from the data logs, and also why certain procedures must be followed if the evidence is to be preserved. e.g. if an AP Vision unit is powered up and taken below 1.2m, then the data logs are overwritten by the current dive.

The first of these industry documents is now available from Ambient Pressure Diving here and is eight pages with plenty of detail.

In addition to the preservation data, Martin has helpfully provided contacts for investigation organisations such as QinetiQ, HSL amongst others.

Please forward on as required to anyone you know who dives an AP unit or dives with a buddy who uses an AP unit.

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