Presentations and Talks

Next Presentations:

6 October 2012 – DiveZone Dive Club, Melksham

10 Nov 2012 – ScotSAC Annual Conference


Presentations to clubs or conferences are excellent ways of getting the concepts of Human Factors and ‘Crew Resource Management’ in Sport Diving Incidents and Accidents across, much better than trying to read a paper on it.

Gareth can visit your club (no matter what agency you are affiliated with) and give a presentation detailing how diving safety can be improved, how an incident develops using both theory and case studies, and what can be done to reduce occurrence of incidents in the future.

The presentations case studies are applicable to basic OC divers all the way to expedition level CCR dives and show how an incident is not just one event, but a whole series.

The presentations emphasise that EVERYONE makes mistakes and that to prevent future incidents, divers need not be ashamed to admit their mistakes and but rather share the lessons learned in their club, or better still, across the wider diving community.

There is currently no charge for these presentations other than asking for travel expenses to be covered (and maybe a pint at the bar!)

“I not only found yesterday evening VERY interesting and informative and, in my opinion, should form a mandatory part of any dive course at some time in a diver’s education”

– Peter Russell-Smith, London School of Diving on the presentation on Human Factors in Sport Diving

“It was very good, as i knew it would be. I think it should be mandatory for clubs to have a talk like this just to wake divers up a little bit.”
– Nick Fox, Guildford SAC on the presentation on Human Factors in Sport Diving

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